thatblackgirlrosie: Do you have any idea when Dance Academy is going to be shown on TV in the UK?

I tried googling it but couldn’t find anything so I’m not sure, sorry :(

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thomgreen:#regram from @taitai_s . Was great to meet you today! Love meeting D.A fans.

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carebear0051: Is there going to be a Season 3???

Yes there is a season 3, it has 13 episodes and its already out :)

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afterdreamer: Tem todas as temporadas de dance Academy na Netflix?

Translation: It has all the seasons of Dance Academy on Netflix.

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sophisticatedyoungadult: Is season 3 the last one or are they still filming?

Season 3 is the last one, sadly there won’t be anymore :(

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… the one who makes me forget about the dark stuff because she lights up everything.